Better late than never.

Dear Girl, who loved him first.

I know my name falling off your tongue brings an emptiness to your stomach and a feeling of hate to your heart. I know you avoid eye contact when you see me because of it & you don’t have a good things to say about me. For that I am sorry.

I’m sorry for all the pain I put you in without even knowing I did so. I’m sorry that I don’t hate you like you hoped I would. Truthfully I had no idea who you were but I do have this for you.

THANK YOU, thank you for loving him when he had no one & making him laugh. Because truthfully I love him too much to ever think he was unhappy before meeting me. I know you hate me & I totally accept that but please know I do think your something special you must have been for him to have loved you.

My hope for you is that you realize I’ve had my heart broken too. I know your searching for someone to blame. So please stop blaming me for your heart ache, I would never wish it upon you. I pray you find someone who makes you as happy as he does me  & one day maybe you’ll smile back & make eye contact but I realize that’s a long shot. But one day you’ll realize I was just a girl who met a boy and fell in love, just like you.

Until then I’ll just say thank you.


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