9. Surprising my parents in Indonesia airport after not seeing them for a year

1. Walking across the stage when I received my Degree
2. Tackling my first solo tube ride in London, England
3. Biting into my first Flødeboller in Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Beach days in West Wittering, England
5. Camping in Waskasoo, Manitoba
6. Motorcycle drives in northern Mae Hong song, Thailand
7. Listening to the chant inside the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
8. Experiencing endless culture in Pushkar, India
9. Surprising my parents in Indonesia airport after not seeing them for a year
10. Grieving at the Burning Gates in Varanasi, India
12. Learning how to make paella from a professional chef in Barcelona, Spain
13. First caravan country jamboree experience
14. Drinking the best coffee I have ever had in Ubud, Bali
15. Conversations in the cafe with Kate Winslet
16. Sleeping in Yangon airport
17. My first rescue as a lifeguard, an overload of panic and adrenaline
18. Riding 20 hour sleeper buses in Vietnam
19. Meditating by a spiritual holy lake
20. Receiving words of wisdom from an elder during a Buddist chat
21. Snorkelling for the first time in Gili Air, Indonesia
22. Coincidently running into old friends from Canada in Asia, proving how small this world really is!
23. Realizing how unfit I am during the 5 hour Isthmus walk, New Zealand
24. Sitting on the top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar, watching the sunrise behind 4000 temple
25. Witnessing a fight in between an elderly man and a young boy about cultural differences
26. Being asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding
27. Tanning on a yacht while sailing down the coast of Croatia, utter peace
28. First year of University, so much fun it was almost unhealthy
29. Receiving the keys to my first purchased property
30. Hearing the whole bar sing happy birthday to me in Hoi An, Vietnam
31. Driving along the Saskatchewan plains during sunset

-Kelsie Walkeden


**Editors Note**

Yes, she put 31. We are breaking all the rules. Thank you for your understanding.


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