I cant breathe.

Dear Mom,

Every since I can remember, you have always been there for me, always looked after me, but now, you are beginning to smother me with your motherly ways. I can understand if you don’t want to let me grow up, but it is a natural thing. People grow…you had to, and now it is my turn.

You need to understand that I need to be able to make my own mistakes…not learn them from you.

I am almost 22 now, and you are still treating me like I am 5. I love you SO much, but I can’t have you breathing down my neck.

Does everyone feel this way about their mom? Am I being overly dramatic?

I am growing up as much as you would rather not hear it, I am having a good time with it. I am making my way through life now, and you need to let me be free.

I need to live my own life.



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